About the Blog

Most people who read or write blogs have ideas about how they should be. I’m fairly sure my blog does not align with most of those ideas.

But that’s okay…because this blog is for me. It’s not for you. It’s not to build readership or a following. It’s not to get famous or to sell anything. It’s not to make money or friends. It’s not necessarily even to provide you with something to which you can relate, although it’s awesome if you find something to which you do relate or which you enjoy.

Still. This blog allows me to be a decent person during the day, because I get to come home and be an ass at night or on the weekends (or when I’m playing hooky from work). I get to be an ass in my blog. I get to vent and complain in my blog so that I have enough strength to get up every day and deal with the asses in the world or the complete garbage that happens, not to mention so that I have enough strength to refrain from bitch-slapping people. I am fully aware that people hate and underrate venting and complaining…but which would you rather I do–complain in my blog or bitch-slap you?

I also am fully aware that most people either don’t like to read or do “like to read” but think two paragraphs is too long (which is kind of paradoxical), nevermind how much I write. But when have you known venting to not be long-winded?

Why in the hell is this schitt public if it’s for you, you ask.

Fair question.

Well, first of all, you’re welcome to read it–I never said that you aren’t. Just know that you’re not my primary concern. But if you find something you like, something that helps you, something that provokes thought or what have you, that is my secondary concern.

Second, people will “like” the most random schitt. I learned that on Facebook, and I’ve observed that on WordPress. Dumb schitt gets 51 likes. Dumb blogs have 7008 followers. I never know what people are going to like or connect with when I blog. So I put my weird schitt, my dumb schitt and my good schitt out there just in case. The stuff that has gotten me likes and/or followers, sometimes vs the stuff that hasn’t gotten me likes/followers, definitely has made me scratch my head at times. But it’s weird enough for me to not spend much time pondering.

Third, this crap is so bad that I didn’t think there’d be much of a difference between it being private and it being public. In other words, I thought no one would read it anyways. Who cares that it’s online and, therefore, anyone can find/read it–it’s not that good. Apparently, I was somewhat wrong. But then again, people will like the most random schitt, as I have already established.

Now consider yourself warned. Feel free to exit. 😉

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  1. John Narayan says:

    If you have the time come check this out.


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