Tattle Tail Co-Workers

If you don’t read my blog regularly, I’m going to give you some relevant details about my job and then tell a tale about one of my co-workers who seems to have become a tattle tail. Here are the three things/people you need to know in order to understand the story:

-A lot of people at my job don’t actually work. They basically get paid to do nothing. The more money they make, the less work they do, as a general rule.

-There are two of us working tech support–me and this African guy who hasn’t been with the company very long but already is applying for and interviewing with other jobs because he wants off tech support (can’t blame him). The African guy has been at the company since maybe late March, so a little more than two months. Two months is not long enough to have a handle on working in tech support where I work, so there are still many problems with having to work with this guy–having to help him a lot, having to catch or correct a lot of his mistakes and having to deal with him not tackling issues because he doesn’t know how to handle them and doesn’t ask about how to handle them sometimes (i.e. he leaves more difficult issues for me to handle). These are the most significant issues with having to work with him.

-There is this geeky dude whom I call Wannabe Cool Tech (WCT) because he runs around trying to act cool all the time. He got off tech support not long before I was hired, and now part of his job is to train the newer tech support workers and be the go-to guy for any questions we have. From day one, I noticed this dude basically sits on his @ss in his cubicle, playing with his iPhone. He didn’t train us, per se. We have to seek him out and ask him questions, for the most part, and all of us were basically thrown into the fire. A lot of people at the company like this geek, probably because he’s very knowledgeable as far as handling tech issues goes, but I don’t. I felt early on that he was arrogant and doesn’t do enough work, although I don’t necessarily think he’s lazy. He certainly has way too much free time at work, though, and that’s partially because the position he has now seems to have been created for him as opposed to being anything that is really necessary to the company. I do think if he seriously was a tech support trainer he’d be more valuable and less sit-on-his-@ss-ish…but he’s not any of those things at this point and was surely far more valuable when he worked tech support.

This WCT fucker is who this post is about. Over the last few months, we have started having issues with fuckers tattle tailing at work, and he has just made my schitt list for such acts. Yes, a schitt list has developed. Up until now, it had primarily consisted of those fuckers who make more but do less. These are the people whom I’ve started saying “fuck it” and, despite their telling tech support that they want us to collect XYZ information before passing tickets on to them, I just fucking give them tickets anyways and try to make them do some digging. Now, WCT makes more, I presume, and does less, but these guys who had landed on my schitt list prior, I’m sure, make way more. Still, WCT is of more assistance to me than those other guys are, so even though I didn’t particularly care for him he had not found his way onto my schitt list.

Unfortunately, this past week at work the @sshole decided to fuck with me, and now it’s all over.

He had already started getting on my nerves, and I started to tell him in a nice way that this was the case but decided to leave it alone. He had been doing schitt like telling me schitt I already know as someone who has worked tech support at this company for over 6 months now–simple schitt that, of course, I know–“reminding” us that we need to be doing XYZ and sometimes tacking on complaints like, “Because you didn’t do this, I found this email from yesterday that no one had answered,” which probably meant he had to be torn away from texting on his iPhone to actually do some very simple work…and maybe even more annoying than that, he is very “I no longer work for tech support”-ish when people approach him for help and he will send them to me or forward emails over to me/tech support when we’re already flooded. True enough that he’s off tech support, but he’s sitting in his cubicle doing nothing while I’m drowning in work.

And yes, even though tech support consists of two of us, I’m the one drowning in work…correcting the new guy’s mistakes and doing schitt the new guy indirectly refuses to do and teaching him schitt. By the way, teaching the new guy schitt? That’s WCT’s job. Honestly, correcting the new guy’s mistakes probably ought to be WCT’s job, too.

On account of my doing at least 1 & 1/2 people’s job, schitt gets missed sometimes or not handled as fast as my employer would like. Now, one of WCT’s favorite things to say/write is “I’m not always checking the tech support inbox.” He says/writes this when he’s “reminding” us what we should be doing. Oh, but he still somehow manages to notice when one of us doesn’t answer an email correctly, quickly or at all…and, of course, he points this schitt out. The fucker is like Cinderella’s ugly stepsister, standing over you pointing out all the spots you missed while you’re the one on hands and knees doing all the waxing. But is that his job? After all, I have never been told that he is my supervisor or an assistant supervisor of any sort.

One day this past week, the fucker took it too far by emailing me and the new guy an email he copied my supervisor on, whining about how he had to answer an email that no one at tech support answered. My supervisor almost immediately responded, wanting to know why neither of us answered the email, “it doesn’t look good for tech support,” and saying he wants one of us to respond to him about why this email was not addressed.

I looked at my supervisor’s email like, “This dude is crazy”…because we were busy as hell on this particular day, with the phones ringing off the hook and emails pouring in. You’re whining about a company employee’s email not being answered, but you want one of us to take time away from a flooded inbox to answer your email about an email that WCT already answered. Straight up, I responded, “I will respond to you when I have time.” It was a nice way of saying, “I don’t have time for this overly-dramatic bullschitt.”

Mind you, this situation with that one email not being answered was another case of the new guy trying to leave something he’s clueless about to me instead of asking somebody. The email had first been ignored by him. I had just gotten to work, and then maybe 30 minutes-to-an hour later WCT started all this bullschitt. I get to work an hour and a half after the new guy does, so the email was ignored all that time prior to my arriving. You know what happened when I got to work? I found a flooded email inbox with more emails than just that one WCT whined about in it, and then the new guy turned his phone off and went and got himself breakfast from our on-site restaurant. There I was, fielding call after call by myself with all these emails staring me in the face while this @sshole was sitting on his side of the cubicle stuffing his face.

So, yeah, I jumped at the opportunity to respond to my supervisor’s email. The email consisted of much of what is written here that you’re reading, just in a far more professional tone. I explained the current work dynamic between me and the new guy and how the new guy leans on me rather than WCT, how he leaves work for me, how he runs off to take breaks as soon as I get to work even though that’s a busy time frame, etc. I explained that, if given time, I would have responded to the email, but I made it clear that the email had been overlooked long before I got to work and that it was obviously being left to me instead of WCT trying to figure out how to handle it.

But I also wrote, in a nicer way, “What the fuck does WCT actually do here? I know what he’s supposed to do…well, kinda…but…??? Seriously, man. When we’re busy, he needs to be trying to help–which is what I thought his job, in part, consisted of–instead of sitting there pointing out what’s being missed, what’s going wrong and whining about it all and copying our supervisor on emails about it.” Yes, sir, I did.

Did not get a response to that one, haha.


My supervisor seemed understanding of everything else I wrote. I don’t know what’s going to come of it, though.

Things like this combine with my just being sick of dealing with people in a service capacity in making me want to get away from this company. Sometimes I think maybe I don’t really want to leave because the job has gotten more comfortable, I get tons of compliments, more people like me now and I like some of them…and, of course, there’s now the thing with Belinda, too, and just wanting to see what that’s all about. The biggest thing is just that the second I find that there are quality women where I live when, for years, I thought there weren’t and I am in the same place as those women, should I stay for that? I worry that leaving is like walking away from a huge opportunity to have more of a personal life (if I can find a way to navigate workplace relationships successfully) when I thought that wasn’t possible in this area. But I am probably on my way out the door, which is totally by my own volition–it has been made clear to me that my job is not in danger at all. Still, first and foremost is getting away from tech support, because I know there’s bullschitt–and certainly tattle tail co-workers–everywhere.

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