My New Co-Worker Hates Our Job, Too

If you start a new job, one pretty good sign that you’ve probably made a mistake accepting that job is when you come back the next day–and the next day and the day after that–and your new co-workers joke about the fact that you actually came back…every single day. This happened to me at my last job, and it happened to me at my current job. It didn’t take long at either job for me to understand why they kept making these jokes–the jobs suck(ed) ass, and they knew it.

Well, I haven’t blogged much about the new guy at work, and I have a feeling I won’t be blogging much about him. Why? He hasn’t been there even two months yet, and he’s already trying to find another job.

I’m going to show you that all my whining about my job is not just me being hard to please by telling you about my co-worker.

New Tech came through the same employment agency that I did. He’s the one I mentioned who is kind of soft-spoken and has an African accent. When he started, he was working with Lazy Tech because LT was still working tech support and I had not yet been moved back to tech support from the position I much preferred. Then when I started working with New Tech, he was pissing me off because he would hardly touch any of the emails and then our supervisor would come to us, talking about how we needed to catch up on emails. This was the same dumbass who had scheduled a brand new tech support worker to come in first thing in the morning and dive right into emails and phone calls with no true training and when none of the more veteran workers would be there to help him. Because of this dumbass decision, I’d come to work and there’d be 20+ unanswered emails sitting in the inbox with new emails rolling in every minute on top of those (ultimately, I told my supervisor that LT needs to help with emails in the mornings until New Tech learns enough to answer the majority of them on our own, which is something his dumb ass shouldn’t need to have been told).

It sucks, but the way my job works is if you don’t know how to respond to an email or phone call, you’re supposed to ask someone. Now, I didn’t want the burden of having to help a newbie along in addition to doing my work–it’s not that different from doing the newbie’s job if you have to tell him how to do it. But I remember how it was with LT, and I didn’t want to be like that with New Tech. I acted like it didn’t bother me when he asked questions because, ultimately, it was better for me for him to ask. But he’d generally let emails sit there for me to do instead of ask questions about how to respond to them. It is uncomfortable to ask questions every single minute, I know.

LT and I went through something similar, but it’d usually be because he’d let emails sit there with the excuse that I need to learn how to respond to them when I was already trying to figure another issue out, and then he’d get all huffy and harass me because I wasn’t answering emails. Of course, while LT was letting emails sit there, he was checking Facebook or text messages and so on instead of doing work himself. Again, I didn’t want to be an ass like that with New Tech, so I’d just go ahead and answer the emails so we could catch up instead of harassing him or being lazy as emails continued to pile up.

New Tech tried to stay positive and say the job wasn’t that hard, just that it was a lot of stuff to remember, but I could tell this was bullschitt. Every day the dude would look at emails, release stressed-out sighs-slash-growls, mumble to himself and place his head in his hands. Same with phone calls. Then he graduated to talking about how he gets headaches on the job, to which I responded that I always make sure I have a bottle of Excedrin with me for the same reason. Finally, he told me recently that he goes home and looks for another job every day.

The other employment agency I worked with that had a job for me around the same time as I decided to take the job I have now recently let me know that the same company is hiring again, and this time it would pay more money. It is a position repairing computers and other electronics as opposed to providing support for them, which is definitely what I’d rather be doing, so I went back and re-interviewed with that employment agency. Some of my co-workers had been joking about me going on job interviews because I’ve missed work so much, but I was not about to tell these people details about why I had been going to the doctor just so they could be quiet. After all, I don’t care about most of the people with whom I work, so I don’t need them knowing my business. But I did tell New Tech that I had a job interview.

After I came back from my interview, he told me he had been called to schedule an interview for another job. It is still a job with our current company, just at another location in the tri-state area. We are pretty familiar with the people who will be interviewing and ultimately hiring him because we communicate with them often, so I feel pretty confident that he will get that job.

There are several problems with this, both for me and him. The problem for him is it’s obvious, from what he was telling me about the job, that he’s not qualified for it. So if he feels stressed out doing what he does now, he will really be stressed out and hate this job. The job is very similar to what we do now, only phone calls aren’t really involved because he’d be the on-site tech for that entire location. I would actually be more qualified than he is just because I have worked tech support longer and have things down more about how things work at our company, but I already know I would hate that job. The job is also going to be an hour or more drive for him to get to work.

The problems for me are that he will probably leave before I will leave, which means I will be doing all the tech support and then will also probably have to deal with another newbie until I leave. And even if we end up leaving around the same time, that’s tough, as well, because I will feel like an ass if I end up being the one to follow New Tech out the door and not the other way around. New Tech and I are my company’s tech support. I would laugh if it meant LT had to come back to tech support and do all the work–he deserves it. I probably wouldn’t even be interested in leaving right now if I had been left in the position I was told I’d have at this company instead of dealing with brats on the phone and via email all day, but because LT is a lazy brat who had an attitude with people on the phone and because I’m not like that I got stuck doing something I hate.

In fact, thinking about it right now, I actually don’t feel like an ass. I mean, the ways in which I have been hung out to dry a lot, just as New Tech has been, and then whined to about needing to get things done faster or by myself…and I also started to feel sorry for that geeky tech who wants very badly to believe he’s cool because I know he’ll have to “train” two new workers…except for the fact that he spends much of his time sitting on his ass in his cubicle on his iPhone or on one of the company’s iPads instead of actually training anyone. I definitely shouldn’t feel sorry for my supervisor, who has made all these dumb decisions that have made my job worse. Just as with my last employer, he wouldn’t have all this turnover in tech support if he put new hires in the best position to do their jobs the right way, i.e. provide training and make sure someone is around when they need assistance. And just as with my last employer, he has two employees who are interviewing for new jobs and who are halfway out the door at the same time.

The crazy thing, though, is New Tech told our supervisor that he is interviewing with another location. And then our supervisor told everyone else. New Tech called one of our co-workers who had worked at that location before to ask some questions, and that co-worker said he and LT already knew about it. New Tech said to me afterwards that he would never have told LT–he doesn’t particularly like LT and just would not share anything like that with him. New Tech said that our supervisor seems okay with his interviewing with another location, but I still just never would have told him about it during the process.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens.

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