Lazy Co-worker, Stupid Supervisor and Getting Fired

So I hate my job again. My supervisor ended up giving my new position to Lazy Tech and putting me back in my old position so that Lazy Tech wouldn’t be on the phones that much. Basically, there were too many complaints about Lazy Tech being rude, too many missed phone calls because Lazy Tech wouldn’t answer the phones like he’s supposed to…so because he doesn’t want to do what he’s supposed to and answer phones, it’s as if our supervisor relented instead of making LT do his job.

I was pissed when I was told this would happen. LT sent me an IM and asked me if I was upset with him. I responded that I have more of a problem with our supervisor, who is more and more seeming like an idiot to me–isn’t that almost always how it is with managers and supervisors? They’re fine at first, and then they slowly turn to schitt. It’s basically true that I am mostly pissed at my supervisor, not LT. I understand why LT doesn’t want to deal with phones and people.

Everybody at work is wondering why our supervisor keeps making these changes, so he just looks crazy right now. The guy who was training me in my new position and will be training LT, Easygoing Tech, does not want to work with LT. He basically told our supervisor that he doesn’t know why LT is still working at our company. And he had told our supervisor that I was doing a good job in my new position.

I complain about all of my jobs, but my new position was good enough to the point where I started thinking I could see myself at this company for years. If I’m going to be doing tech support for years and years, like others there have, no, I can’t tolerate that. I was definitely feeling happier working more hands-on with electronics and dealing with less people, and I really liked working with Easygoing Tech. And the days went by faster and a lot more stress-free.

Of course, doing tech support now is tougher than it was before I went to my new position because now I’m working with the new guy they hired. Working with new people sucks, and I’m sure people felt the same way about me when I first started. Newbies just don’t know anything, so the workload is nowhere near 50/50 right now–I have to do the majority of it, plus help him out. This guy they hired, on top of it all, is also hard to understand. He is a soft-spoken African guy, and there’s just a fine line when you’re thinking of hiring someone who needs to communicate in writing and vocally with English speakers. You don’t want to discriminate, but there are jobs where communication matters more than just about anything else. All we do is speak to people and write to people, and his writing is not that great to go along with his speech. And our job is not really for soft-spoken people. You have to be aggressive and just kind of annoy people with questions and all that–you can’t just sit there and not work because you don’t know the answers.

My co-worker Stanky Breath Tech and I were talking about the whole situation yesterday after work for about half an hour. He’s black, I’m black, our supervisor is white and LT is white. Today after work, SBT came to me and said something like, “You know what moving LT upstairs was about,” and then he rubbed his arm. I was surprised he did/said that, but I can’t articulate why…maybe just because we have never talked about race. Still, I said to him that my parents had told me the same thing, that if I weren’t doing my job adequately I’d be fired. He said he was telling his wife about the situation with me and LT at work and that was her first question, i.e. what race is LT.

I’m sure I either just completely lost most white readers right there, i.e. you’re no longer understanding the post, or you just got irritated because you don’t see what race has to do with anything or why other my co-worker and parents brought it up. But honestly, that’s just how black people think, especially older black people. SBT has grandkids, so I don’t know how old he is but he has got to be over 40. My parents are in their 60s. I don’t disagree with what they’re saying, but I’m also not going to declare that my supervisor is racist as I don’t think this is a racial issue on the surface or predominantly.

But I absolutely believe that if I didn’t do a good job at work, I’d lose my job. I don’t know how many chances I’d be given to make it work, but I don’t have a lot of faith that it’d be that many. I don’t know that my supervisor would sit and monitor me, lecture me repeatedly, send several emails about what I’m supposed to be doing and move me to what is essentially an easier position without a pay reduction before pulling the plug, but this is what LT is getting. I’m not attributing that to race, but I just feel that I wouldn’t be around.

And I’ve been fired before, and I wasn’t given warning after warning. One day a manager I had claimed money was missing, money that I’d taken in on my shift, and she called me at home to ask what I did with it. I told her I dropped it in their cash safe, and she said it wasn’t in there. The next time I showed up for work, they fired me and claimed they’d looked for the money but never found it and that I didn’t follow correct procedures for dropping the money. This is another one of those jobs that doesn’t train people, but suddenly when something goes wrong they have “procedures.” I was never given any kind of warning or told this could lead to my getting fired or anything. I was fired by two white people and a Latina, for whatever that’s worth. And I, to this day, don’t truly believe the money I dropped was ever missing.

This was a hotel job, by the way, and I worked at a hotel before where something like this happened to one of my co-workers, i.e. money was missing on his shift. He was not fired; he just had to pay the money back out of his paycheck (black guy, but the hotel was minority-owned). That sounds fair to me, and that is something I would have been willing to do. It was “just” $210 that was missing on my shift, which is an amount I could make after two days of work at that hotel. To me, firing someone after money goes missing on their shift, unless it’s upwards $1000 or it’s not the first time a lot of money has gone missing, means you just want the person gone. That hotel and its workers were cliquey, and I wasn’t part of the clique.

My point is that the only job I had where I ever made a sizeable “mistake,” I got fired. That’s my only point. I’ve been an exemplary employee everywhere else I’ve been. LT has had two jobs that I know of where everyone who worked with him had complaints about him and his work performance but nothing of significance ever really happened to him. Still, that’s my only point because it doesn’t matter, ultimately, if it’s about race, sex, sexual orientation or anything else. The bottom line is that I’m the good worker, yet I feel like the one who is being punished.

SBT told me that I should talk to the recruiter who placed me at this company about what’s going on. When he said that, I told him I don’t want to do that. But the more I think about it, the more I think I might need to do that. Either way, I’m going to have to tell him that we need to work on finding something more suitable for me once I hit the 6-month mark, just as he and I discussed about a month ago when I was unhappy working tech support.

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