Catching On To the Lazy Guy Pt 2

It’s time for an update on what’s going on at work. This is part 2 of an earlier post.

In a way, I have a new job, and it’s a bit more likeable than what I had been doing where I work. I am far more hands-on with electronics, which is good. I don’t deal with email as much, and if we’re not getting a lot of phone calls I barely have to deal with people over the phone. But I’m also busier, which can be stressful. I am inundated with new laptops and computers to set up for employees, have to receive and account for purchases, and I feel more like I don’t have time to get everything done. This is usually the case when we are getting a lot of phone calls.

My being moved over to the position I’m doing now is almost like a promotion. It’s moving me away from working tech support, and I can get jobs at other companies doing the work that I’m learning how to do. Most likely because it does get one of us off tech support, Lazy Tech had told me that he wishes he could be moving into the position I’m being moved into. LT can’t stand answering phones–I don’t think most of the people where I work who have done tech support can stand answering phones. I didn’t and don’t like answering phones. In my new position, though, I will basically be a backup in terms of answering phones while LT is now the primary tech support contact…which LT really…hates. Obviously, it’s more work for him, and that makes it harder for LT to do as little work as possible.

Between feeling stressed out, which has really been more so this week than any other because I am doing my new position by myself this week without the guy who is training me, LT has just had me rolling on the floor laughing. He is completely unraveling, and it’s getting to the point where some of us wonder if his job is in danger. I kind of feel bad and, honestly, like a backstabber because he got me this job. But he’s really bringing a lot of stuff on himself.

I got moved to my new position almost three weeks ago, the same week I had my last doctor’s appointment. When I came back to work the next day after my doctor’s appointment, my supervisor was sitting where I used to sit. I thought it was a little odd, but I got some of my stuff and went upstairs to my new work area. Then LT IMed me and told me our supervisor was basically there to watch over him because he received complaints about LT. I’ve written before about how a couple of people have mentioned to me that LT is rude to them. Well, apparently, those people have started going to our supervisor about it. So, our supervisor was there to monitor LT’s calls. This is not the only thing LT has gotten in trouble over since I moved positions, and the fact that he is now doing tech support predominantly on his own is really leaving him exposed as far as our supervisor being able to see what kind of worker he is.

Easygoing  Tech (ET) is the guy who is training me. In a sense, he is being pushed out of his position for me to have it (and at this point, you can kind of see how effed up where I work kind of is). They are still planning to have him work for the company, but he will work on projects assigned to him. On the other hand, he told my supervisor–and I’m not sure when this was, but I think it was after my supervisor was already thinking of having me do at least some of ET’s job–that he is planning to apply for a position at another one of our company’s locations. He used to work at that location but left due to pay, but now the pay matches up. So I’m thinking he’d likely get whatever he applies for there. Either way, I will be taking over for him; I just hope he’s around long enough for me to learn everything I need to from him and get enough of his assistance. I get the sense that my supervisor expects him to leave, so he’s trying to make sure the company has someone who can do his job.

I really like ET, probably more than most–if not all–people I’ve met at work. He’s very nice, helpful and he’s always laidback. He has a 10-year old daughter whom I can’t imagine is not running all over him because that seems like the kind of guy he is–easy to run over. He will do all the work if I let him, but that’s also bad because I need to make sure I can do everything that is and will be expected of me.

Even with as nice and easygoing as he is, he still has quite a bit to say about LT. ET never sounds mean or upset, but he still talks about how LT is always turning his phone off and we end up getting all these phone calls even though we’re backup. One day while he was training me, we got so many calls that ET called our supervisor and told him LT was not answering the phones. The next day ET told me that LT let him know our supervisor got on to him about the phones. ET also told me that he has gotten comments from people about how rude LT is.

One day my supervisor told me that they are hiring someone else to help answer the phones. ET and I talked about it, and we were thinking it’d be a temporary thing. If everyone is doing what they should be doing, we don’t really need help with the phones. Most days we don’t get more calls than we can handle. That’s why ET said, “That doesn’t sound good for [LT].” A couple of days ago, I spoke with my supervisor about the person they’re bringing in to help, and I started realizing it’s probably not going to be temporary. It sounds like a new hire. The process they’re going through with this person is the same as what they went through when they hired me. I told ET about the conversation I had with my supervisor about the new hire, and we were trying to figure out why they’re hiring someone else–especially since a big part of the reason my supervisor moved me into my new position is to save the IT department money. Now they’re going to bring in someone new to pay?

About a day after that, LT IMed ET, telling him that our supervisor wants him to train LT on the position I’m being moved into. He wrote something like our supervisor wants him to handle phone calls less because of his demeanor with people over the phone. So let’s re-state: Because LT is not doing his current job the way he has been told, our supervisor is going to give him a slightly different job. Does that make any sense? Let’s put it this way–ET doesn’t believe LT. Our supervisor has told ET nothing about having LT train with him. Oh, and this IM also occurred after I let my supervisor know that LT is always trying to dump users he doesn’t want to deal with off on me by telling me he doesn’t have time or can’t deal with them. I simply let my supervisor know that this was interfering with my training and that he has been doing that even before my training but now I just don’t have time for it. So, I’d assume our supervisor did speak to LT, but who knows what all was said. Having LT train to do the same position I’m moving into wouldn’t make sense, because they need two people on tech support.

As I mentioned in another post here, I was told in my job interview with my supervisor that I’d probably end up doing my current position at least in part, so I wasn’t moved into it because I wasn’t good at tech support. My resume also indicates I have a lot of hands-on experience in addition to tech support; LT has more tech support experience than I do. Now, it could be that they’re bringing in another tech support person because they expect ET to leave, and that would make sense. But I don’t think ET has even applied for the other location yet, so hiring someone right now to start next week…I don’t know if LT has thought about it, but everyone I’ve talked to about this thinks it’s odd.

Anyway, so now the two other co-workers I used to work with predominantly downstairs have both had something to say about how LT performs his job, ET has done the same and our supervisor is now speaking to him regularly about his work performance. People are noticing that, however likeable (to people in our department) and sociable he might be, he is not doing a good enough job. If making more money matters so much to him, why is he reverting more and more back to how he used to be with our previous employer–which should have gotten him fired there–knowing that this company actually does fire people? You can’t just stop answering phones because you don’t want to answer them, especially when it’s your job to answer those phones…and you can’t have an attitude with people who work for our company because they dare call you for assistance, especially when it’s your job to give assistance.

What’s funny is I think personality does outweigh negatives with a lot of employers–I have seen it–and then there are other employers who just don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing poor employees, but here I feel like I’m seeing LT just self-destruct to the point where he will eventually be let go. And he’s the type of person who know matter how many times you tell him what to do and what not to do, he just does whatever he wants. Underneath the @ss-kissing and excuses, he really is just another one of those people who feels a sense of entitlement–he’s just not as blatant about it as the average entitled jackass is. People like that need to be shown that it’s not all about them and what they want, and that’s why, yes, I laugh at these stories about him getting in trouble. It’s not enough, though, obviously, because he hasn’t changed. Still, I have a feeling that in the somewhat-near future either he’ll change or his place of employment will.

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