My Meeting With My Supervisor

Today was probably the worst day I’ve had at my “new” job since I’ve been working there. Then around mid-day my supervisor sent me an email that he wanted to meet with just me this afternoon. So, of course I’m thinking that even as bad as things had been up to that point they’re going to get worse. Meetings with bosses, managers, supervisors and the like are rarely called to tell you how well you’re doing, and it’s too soon for me to be getting a raise–not that I’ve earned one. Plus, I could kind of tell by the meeting topic that this meeting was going to be about a problem.

I told Lazy Tech about the meeting shortly after I learned about it because he’d have to take calls and respond to emails by himself while I was in the meeting. And I think originally he thought that the meeting would include both of us, but before he could look for the email in his inbox I told him the meeting was just for the supervisor and me.

Now, let me give a general description of what my day was like. I handled difficult after difficult time-consuming tech issue all morning while Lazy Tech sat on the other side of our cubicle being…well, lazy. To his credit, he knew I was busy on the phone with schitt that wasn’t going to be fixed any time soon, so he did take care of emails. There are certain things only I handle and certain things only he handles, though, and as I was on the phone there were some emails coming in for issues I handle. Those were left for me to deal with after I got off the phone. So, LT would respond to less-demanding emails and then play with his phone and surf the internet on his work computer (we’re no longer allowed to use our laptops at work, so LT has adjusted by visiting sites on his work computer, which is something I wouldn’t really do). It was going to be a busy day for me, and when my supervisor sent the email about an afternoon meeting I really felt that not only was it more bullschitt added to my day, but it was also another time-consuming thing that I didn’t have time for.

Anyway, meeting time arrived. Now, my job is similar to working as a lawyer in a law firm in terms of having to bill hours. Still, I get paid 40 hours a week regardless of how much “billable” work I do. It’s just a matter of whether or not the money comes from my department or other departments. When I don’t bill enough hours to other departments, my department takes the loss. That’s basically what the meeting was about–my supervisor feels they have been taking too much of a loss, and he was trying to figure out why.


I mean, there are several reasons. For starters, my supervisor knew when he hired me that there wasn’t going to be enough work for two people to bill a full work week outside of our department because he told me that he’d have me doing what I do now, as well as doing another position, so that I could bill enough time–and he told me this before I was hired, and then again several times afterwards. But over two months in, I’ve only been doing one position. So…this is partially his fault.

Second, LT works slightly different hours than I do, and his hours are more in line with the peak hours in terms of work volume.

Third, LT does leave a lot of work for me that isn’t billable.

Fourth, we’re just not that busy most days. Even LT doesn’t bill a full 40-hour work week, but it’s worse for me because of the hours I work and because of how LT will sometimes jump on work he knows is billable before I can get to it.

I mentioned reasons 2-4 to my supervisor.

So, my supervisor seems to be back on that two-position idea.

Of course, after the meeting, LT wanted to know what we talked about. So I told him.

Do you know what happened?

LT got pissed!


Because if I start doing the other position, apparently that will mean LT has to do more of the tech support. It seems that this was done before with the tech who worked with LT before I did. We have a phone queue at work, i.e. tech calls alternate between me and him. But if I move to another floor at work so I can do the other position, the phone queue won’t alternate–LT will get every phone call as long as he’s available. I will still have to do about half of the emails, and I will definitely still get phone calls. But the majority of phone calls will go to LT, according to him.

Schitt, that sounds really good to me! For one thing, he has way too much free time at work. Do you know how annoying it is to always be working on something while your co-workers just sit around and play with their computers, iPhones, iPads, etc? For another thing, I’m not going to complain about talking to less people. That’d be perfect, actually. And my job is too difficult right now. The less phone calls I take, the easier it will become. I don’t know all the details of what the other position is like, but it really just sounds like processing paperwork, handling software and shipping/receiving tech equipment (and doing whatever needs to be done with the arrivals)–just a lot less stressful and more process-oriented, which is up my alley (as opposed to being thrown into the middle of solving any and all tech issues with no set-forth process whatsoever). And my supervisor said I’d definitely have no trouble billing time this way. The only bad thing is, since I’d be on a different floor, it’d be harder to communicate with other people in the IT department and get help when I need it since most of them are on the floor I work on now, but I will still be working with someone in IT and can IM/email/call people in the IT department.

So, the meeting might not have been all that bad for me. LT isn’t happy, though, and he said that if they do move me to another floor so that I can be more hands-on with equipment and software that he was going to talk to our supervisor about it. LT is hysterical. He acts like he does so much work. It’s like he doesn’t realize that he spends a lot of time surfing the internet and playing with his phone and running around socializing.

And call me evil for this, but there was one other thing today about LT that entertained me.

I took a phone call from an employee who started asking me about LT, i.e. how long he has worked there and what his last name is. Then she told me something like, “Well, I don’t really want to talk to him again. I spoke to him earlier about [blah blah] and he was rude. Maybe you can help me.” And I could tell by the issue she described which call it was, and he was rude. He is rude with several people daily, and this is what my co-workers were talking to me about a few weeks ago. Anyway, her call was a lot like calls I used to get about him at the previous place we worked at together, and the fact that she asked for his last name sounds like she is going to report him. Of course I totally gave it to her. 😉

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