It Turned Out OK Before

Got my test results back today from my thyroid, kidneys and liver, and everything was normal. So that means my doctor was right in thinking my thyroid is not the issue with why my neck is “puffy” on one side. The nurse who called me reiterated that the doctor wants me to see a specialist and asked if he had already given me referrals, which he had. So I went ahead and made an appointment with a specialist I saw a couple of years ago who happened to be on the list of referrals. I’m going in next week.

It does concern me a tad that the problem isn’t as “simple” as a thyroid problem that can be resolved with medication, but I’m not particularly worried right now because today has been a fairly good day. I’m not thinking about all the possibilities. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens when I see the specialist.

Even so…my mother asked me after my doctor’s appointment last week if I was worried, and I said no. She should know better than that. When I was in the hospital in 2010 for nearly a week having my liver treated and then having surgery, I was never scared. When I had my surgery, I went to the emergency room first and just walked up to the desk and told the person there what was wrong. And he was like, “How do you know?” I shrugged and said, “I’ve been here before for this.” I should have had surgery a long time before I did, and I think that played a role in my liver getting infected. But telling him I’d been there before for the same thing got me seen immediately, unlike the first times I’d been there. I was first actually wondering if they’d let me go so I could go to work that evening (which was why I waited so long to have surgery). But then I found out about the liver infection and there was nothing I could do but let them admit me to the hospital.

It’s a good thing I went to the emergency room of my own free will or else I wouldn’t have known about the liver infection. I distinctly remember looking in the mirror that day to check for jaundice, which was on a checklist I’d been given months prior by a surgeon I’d seen and which would alert me that I’d need to go to the emergency room for emergency surgery. I didn’t see anything wrong but just had been in pain for 12+ hours and was tired of it.

Mainly, that experience was annoying and everything leading up to it was just physically painful. In the hospital, the staff was great, but they wouldn’t leave me alone. They also had me hooked up to so much crap that even before the surgery it was tough to just go to the restroom. And every time I tried, someone would rush into my room because they were alerted that I moved. I couldn’t sleep, either, for nurses coming in the middle of the night to give me medication and draw blood.

After the surgery, it was a good thing I wasn’t in pain (except for immediately after the surgery was over) because the painkillers they were giving me through the IV made me ill. They switched up the painkillers when I told them this, and they still made me sick. So I just quit pushing the button to receive any doses through the IV. Painkillers never made me sick on any of my trips to the emergency room or with any of the prescriptions they gave me, so maybe it was just the way it was being administered to me. Anyway, so I had the worst headache ever while I was in the hospital because of that, and all the nurses would give me was Tylenol because of my liver…which means my headache never went away.

So, yeah…annoying, but not scary. I think everyone I told or who knew I was in the hospital was more scared than I was.

So far, my mother seems not to be worried, and that’s what’s amazing. I’ll have to ask her how she feels. For my part, though, the news today was just not exactly what I wanted to hear, which I know sounds weird considering everything was “normal.” But that just means this isn’t over, and now I’m possibly waiting to hear something worse in a couple of weeks.

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