Catching On To the Lazy Guy

Lazy Tech likes to run up to all the guys at work, kissing up and trying to make them like him. And just like where we worked before, he likes to spend more time socializing than doing work. As it turns out, all that eating cheese isn’t enough to disguise his shortcomings.

I wrote a while back about how people have a problem with introverted/more quiet co-workers, even though they’re often good workers. And it had really started appearing to me that the more social people at work get over-rewarded for being such, even if they’re not quite so good at their jobs or are not quite as qualified for a position. I still think that’s generally true, and I’m going to watch how this plays out. But I think my co-workers are getting a little sick of Lazy Tech, even though he is always all up in their faces. It might just be where I work, but my hope is this is indicative that being the guy everyone likes isn’t the end-all be-all in workplaces.

Now, I don’t think they yet realize that he’s lazy, but they’ve noticed other things about which they’ve started talking to me.

First of all, I want to mention for those who aren’t up to speed–Lazy Tech basically got me this job. And I had suspicions and reservations about working with him, knowing from where we worked together before that he is lazy. He does do a lot more work where we currently work, but his laziness still does fall on me at times (particularly with the way he’s always finding excuses to leave work early). I knew this was going to be the case going in, but I took this job knowing I probably wouldn’t like it but thinking, “If I’m going to hate what I do, I might as well get paid more for it.” And I get paid more for it–somewhere around $8,000/year more. From everything I’ve heard, LT lobbied hard for me to get this position, and I have been very happy with the extra money. There will probably be a post soon about how happy I’ve been with this extra money! That doesn’t mean I’m not going to rip LT on my blog. 😉

Here’s what happened:

One day last week after LT left for the day, I was on the phone with someone who needed help with a tech issue. And I was speaking to the person, but I could hear Stanky Breath Tech and the Wannabe Cool Tech in the background talking to each other and I figured they were talking about me from what I heard them saying. And then when I got off the phone with the employee I was assisting, SBT came to my cubicle and said, “We were just talking about you.”

I think I responded something like, “Yeah, I could kind of hear.”

He said they were talking about how LT and I handle the people we assist. Basically, LT is rude to people a lot of the time. You can hear how irritated he is or how impatient he is, and he talks to people like they’re stupid. And LT is certainly ones of those tech geeks who really does just think everyone is stupid when they have a tech problem or question, as are a lot of tech geeks. Now, I don’t sit around and talk about how stupid everyone with a tech issue is, and because I don’t really have that mindset I don’t speak to the employees we help as if they’re stupid. And a lot of people you assist in IT actually will approach you with a self-deprecating demeanor–some of them really do feel stupid for having the problem or needing to ask a question about how to do something. I reassure them that it’s completely okay. The people who get on my nerves are the ones who either contact us with a bad attitude or who contact us all the time with really difficult crap or one problem after another–which suggests they’re the problem or causing problems to occur (but usually they think you’re the problem if you can’t help them immediately)–so people with “stupid” questions don’t bother me at all…except maybe the people who don’t know what a “web browser” is.

So we were talking about how LT speaks to these people, and SBT was saying how even if I’m frustrated I sound like I have a smile on my face. To SBT, it sounds like LT hates the job when he’s talking to employees but LT is always talking about how where we work now is so much better than where we came from. It seriously amazes SBT because it doesn’t sound like this job is so much better to LT with how he sounds on the phone. At this point, WCT comes to my cubicle, as well. WCT is the guy who is “training” me–not really–and trained LT, and we go to him with everything and he also kind of acts like our boss, even though he’s not. And I respond to both of them that LT was way worse where we worked before with how he spoke to people, because he was. They couldn’t understand how he could be even worse than he is now. But since WCT seems to think he’s boss, he said that he’s going to have to talk to LT about how he speaks to people on the phone.

After WCT left the conversation, SBT kept wanting to talk about it because I think he still couldn’t believe how LT is always saying our job is a lot better now. He mentioned that repeatedly, and I told him that I can tell LT does like it better where we are and that’s in large part because of the money. But also, the people we help are generally easier to deal with than the clients we had where we were.

I didn’t think about this at the time, but I also think LT likes feeling that he has more flexibility in terms of leaving work when he wants to sometimes. He couldn’t do stuff like that where we worked before. That’s something that is going to make me just start taking days off work whenever I feel like it. I don’t think it’s always a good idea to run to supervisors to complain about issues or point out something another co-worker is doing wrong, so I’m going to retaliate in my own way. He’s probably taking off this Friday and I’ll be stuck with most of the work, so I will be taking off a day next week and sticking him with the work. I am so not kidding. Also, my birthday is in March–I will be taking off. And I am planning a trip to Atlanta in April to attend the Final Four (forecasting that my alma mater will be there), and if I go I’ll be out at least two days. The funny thing about LT is when he does stuff like this he always says something to me about how he doesn’t want to leave me with stuff or otherwise tries to make it seem like he gives a schitt, but he always does what he wants to do. Two can play that game.

LT has also started screwing stuff up more and more at work, and WCT has said to me a few times now that he has to talk to LT about how he’s overlooking emails that come in or not responding correctly. LT’s funny with this, too, when he knows he has messed something up. Once it comes to the forefront that he has screwed up–and he used to do this where we worked before, too–he’ll say to me that WCT or the supervisor “better not say anything to me.” At our last job, they always “said something to him” anyway, but it never worked. Unlike our last job, they actually fire people at this place. It would be kind of a nightmare for me if LT gets fired, which I don’t think he would, because I’d definitely have more work to do while they find and “train” someone else–and then I’d have to deal with the new person’s questions, a lot of which I won’t know the answers to because of how I’ve been “trained.” But WCT has influenced these decisions in the past, and if he gets sick enough of LT’s issues he could go to our supervisor and the employment agency that placed us with these things.

But LT makes mistakes in large part because he’s lazy, not because he doesn’t know any better. He probably wasn’t trained any better than I’m being trained, but he spends so much time socializing and on Facebook on his personal laptop. And he admits that he tries to do as little work as possible. LT does more work during the first half of the day, but he is definitely one of those people who doesn’t care at all around lunch time and after lunch. And I think that will become more evident to people at work as time goes on, as well. They can see what emails I respond to and which ones he responds to, and they’ll start to notice I do more work in the afternoons.

I was really pissed this morning when I got to work because he left work early yesterday, which meant more work for me, of course. And then first thing this morning one of his screw-ups came to the surface. I just kind of had to laugh to myself. I have to believe this–he’s going to get his. At our last job, I got a raise and was promised raises as long as I was there. LT had worked there approximately a year longer than I had, maybe even longer, and he never got a raise. We’re probably headed for the same type of thing at this place. It’d restore my faith in these dumb-ass employers we have nowadays.

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