So I Resigned At Work

About a week ago, I received an email that I’d passed the background check and drug test for, let’s call them, Employer B–the job offer I had that pays really good money for what I’d be doing but would still require me to provide IT support to people (which I was–and am–unenthusiastic about). I started feeling nervous, because this meant I was going to have to go into work on Monday and put in my notice. I like a lot of things about Employer B–virtually everything except the hours (as mentioned in another post, I prefer really early hours such as 6am to 2pm) and that I’d still be dealing with people all day. The guy who will be my new supervisor was awesome when I told him I wanted to give at least some notice to my current employer. But I wanted to wait until I knew I passed everything, which I should have passed everything but better safe than sorry. Being notified last Sunday that everything checked out meant that I would be able to give one week’s notice, because I start work tomorrow.

So, I went to work Monday, and I was a wreck. I can’t remember if I mentioned this here, but the lazy tech who works where I’ll be working made it seem like my supervisor was mad when he told her he was leaving, and then eventually she told him not to use them as a reference. I couldn’t figure out if that was just because of the type of employee he was or because he quit at a bad time (which is kind of what I would have to do) or because of how he quit (he had promised to work part of his shift for a couple of weeks, and then two or three days into it he called in and told them he wasn’t coming back). So only having his story to go off of, it made me really dread resigning and, especially, staying there for a week after doing it.

I spent a couple of hours after my supervisor arrived at working thinking of what to say and trying to get the nerve to go to her office. Just as I was getting ready to go to her office, my cell phone rang. I could tell by the number that it was the other employment agency I was working with on getting something at Employer A, which is where I really wanted to go. But it had started looking as if that wasn’t going to work out soon enough, so I’d decided to go with B. The guy calling for Employer A left a message, and I picked up my phone to listen to it. He said they finally had a start date for a shift that would be something like 3pm to 11pm, and they’d want me to start Wednesday–like, he was calling Monday and they expected me to pick up and start a couple of days later after hearing every other week stuff like “I’m still waiting to hear from them” and “I should hear something next week.” I spent over two months waiting on this job, basically, and all of a sudden they were in a hurry.

This made me even more nervous because now I wasn’t sure about which job to take, and if I took the job I’d been wanting I would have had to tell my supervisor Tuesday would be my last day–on Monday. I really didn’t want to do anything like that. So I got my phone and went downstairs away from the suite where I worked so I could speak with the guy at this agency. I asked if it would be possible to see if a Monday start (tomorrow) would be possible, and I told him I had another job offer that said that start date would be fine, plus they pay more money. He wanted to know if I would take the job if he could get a Monday start date, and I said yes, even though I wasn’t happy about working that shift they had available.

After he checked for me on the start date, he called back and left a message basically saying he couldn’t get that date and they “should” have other positions there opening sometime next week. Now I had been getting should-ed to death over the past two and a half months, and nothing he said panned out. I just kind of shook my head and was like, “This is not worth it.” Employer B has been far more professional, plus they had a solid start date, didn’t expect me to wait forever and then jump when they said “go” and actually pay far more money anyways. Not to mention I wouldn’t have to miss as many football and basketball games working 8am to 5pm as I would working 3pm to 11pm or whatever vague shift I’d be working.

I went to my supervisor’s office and nervously–obvious in my voice–resigned. I was just like, “I wanted to let you know this will be my last week. I got a couple of job offers, and they want me to start next week…” And I’d worked out that I’d say I got more than one offer because I didn’t want to tell them where I’d be working (i.e. that I’d be with lazy tech whom they hate), even though I knew they’d ask. I ended up telling everyone I was leaning towards Employer A, even though I’d basically gotten fed up with A and dropped them.

It was so not a big deal–my supervisor didn’t seem surprised at all. I had a feeling before I resigned that she already sensed I was looking for something else, and she probably did. She wasn’t upset. On Tuesday, though, she wanted to speak with me about why I was leaving so that they can know what they need to do better. I basically talked to her about how the lack of training made me uncomfortable and not confident in doing my job, and that I don’t like having to get help all the time even at this juncture…and I also spoke really candidly with her about the issues I’ve had with the female tech geek (FTG). I made it clear that she wasn’t why I was quitting, just that she made it more difficult for me on top of not feeling comfortable with the job because of her unwillingness to help when I needed it, her communication issues, how competitive she is and her quickness to point out when she thinks you’ve done something wrong or get upset about insignificant things.

Just as I’d figured, my supervisor already knows how FTG is and knows it’s a problem. She just doesn’t know what to do about it. She has spoken with FTG before, and she said she will speak with her again. She knows that FTG’s behavior will be a problem with new employees, but I don’t see what can be done, either, short of firing FTG–which I doubt they’ll do.

I’ve written about “cultural fit” at work before and how unfair the concept can be and usually is. But when you have someone like FTG at work, I think it goes a little bit beyond cultural fit. If you have a team work environment and one of the people there essentially sabotages that, undermines other employees or makes it hard for work to get done correctly, that is the kind of “fit” that doesn’t work. I don’t know if my supervisor knew to what extent FTG is a problem there until I told her and gave examples, and I understand why they might feel like they can’t or shouldn’t get rid of FTG. But in most workplaces, someone like that probably should be let go.

My supervisor was very understanding and basically told me she figured a lot of what I said already but wanted/needed to hear it. She told me I’d really done a good job there. And I really felt bad later in the week because I really like a lot of people there and they didn’t want me to leave. I particularly hated to be leaving some of the guys there. My supervisor told me she was sorry I was leaving a couple of times, and the accounting lady told me the same thing and said she really likes me. We also talked about FTG a little bit as I was leaving.

FTG apparently really doesn’t feel comfortable when the accounting lady and I are speaking to each other where she can’t hear. As I mentioned in another post, we’re the only ones there who really seem to just not like FTG at all, and I’m sure FTG knows that. The guy who trained me told me one time that FTG asked him what we were saying one time when I was in the accounting lady’s office discussing an issue that FTG had been involved in and I’d ended up stuck with. At the time, we hadn’t said anything about her. And on my last day, the accounting lady told me she was jealous that I was getting out of there, and FTG was like, “What did she say? Every time she said something to me–no one was speaking to FTG–she was like, “What?” I told FTG it was nothing, and apparently that wasn’t good enough because the accounting lady told me FTG actually emailed her to find out what we were talking about–even though no one had been speaking to her, i.e. it was none of her business.

FTG also did something I totally knew she would–she got all nosy and started asking me if I’d gotten another job and where I’d be working (remember, she hardly ever speaks to me, and it’s worse than pulling teeth to get her help with anything). I didn’t tell her much–definitely didn’t tell her where I’d be working–and I’m sure she has asked others there since she didn’t get what she wanted from me.

Thank goodness I am getting away from that kind of crap–hopefully.

By the way–a couple of days after I resigned, I spoke with the guy who was hiring on behalf of Employer A. He wanted to know if I was still going to take the job, even though he couldn’t give me an exact start date. I could kind of hear in his voice when I told him no that he was surprised, kind of upset and didn’t understand why I decided not to go to work for them–even though he was still telling me they “should” be ready X day “or” Y day. If I were unemployed and could wait on that job because I didn’t have a choice, then that’d be fine. But he seriously seemed to think I would be okay with resigning my job and then sitting around not totally sure if or when I’d go to work for Employer A.

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