My Second Job Offer

I actually got the job where my lazy former co-worker works–it sounds like in large part because he pushed very hard for me to get the position. Pending a background check, of course. Right now, it’s looking like I’m going to have to take it. I still haven’t gotten a start date for the place I’d rather work, and it doesn’t sound as if I’ll get one soon. I called last week to check for an update, and it didn’t sound like that company is in any rush–even though when I first spoke to someone about it months ago, he made it sound as if they were looking for a lot of people and were in a hurry to get people.

I checked with that same guy a few days ago, and he said he was frustrated about the standstill. I’m the one who should be frustrated, as should the other people they have holding on who are probably largely unemployed and really need work. It doesn’t make the company look good, either. I could have been out of my crappy job months ago, doing something I actually like. And now I’m not going to get that opportunity. My father suggested that I just take this less appealing job offer and then quit when the other job gives me a start date. I would lean towards not doing something like that, especially after everything my former co-worker went through to get me this job.

After speaking more with lazy tech, as well as the supervisor at this new job opportunity and some of the people at the staffing agency, and being at the place, I actually feel a lot better about the job than before. I just still would rather not have another job where I deal with people all day, and I also would rather not work 8am to 5pm. I did that at my current job when I first started and always felt like I spent too much of my waking day at work. When I started working 7am to 4pm, it made a big difference. It felt as if I had an extra hour in my day and more free time, which I technically do. I’m not a morning person, so it’s not as if I’m going to wake up early just to get that hour back. Personally, I prefer hours such as 6am to 2pm or 7am to 3pm and either not getting paid for lunch or not taking lunch at all on jobs that pay hourly. Or working overnight.

I’ve gotta tell ya–you drive up to this building, and it’s huge. It’s nice. You go inside, and it’s incredible. You really feel as if you’ve “arrived.” No wonder they pay so much money to do a ranky-dank job. I also was told after I was offered the job that we get big bonuses every six months. A lot of things I was told by lazy tech were confirmed by other people, so I don’t really feel that he was just lying to me to get me to this place. I also found out that they use a payment system that is almost like billable hours in big law firms, so it’s nearly impossible for lazy tech to not do work. The people at the agency told me this and explained the system, and the guy who would be my supervisor told me the same thing. The guy at the agency told me lazy tech has already gotten overtime pay because of this, which means lazy tech is really doing work and making a lot of money.

Lazy tech also admitted to me that he’s frustrated there because, being new, he gets issues he doesn’t know how to handle. This is the same thing I deal with where I currently work, except I have been where I work over half a year and still have that problem due to the way I was trained. Lazy tech is in a particularly bad position because he’s new there and doing the position by himself due to their firing someone. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with that.

Anyway, like I wrote before in the post to which I linked above, I can’t really justify staying where I currently work a job I hate when I can go somewhere else and do something similar and at least get paid much more for it. Those seem to be my only options right now. Lazy tech told me he likes it better there and that the clients are a lot different because they’re in-house clients, and the supervisor said the same thing. It also seems like I’d learn system admin skills, which I’m not particularly interested in but would definitely add to my resume and marketability should I stay in IT or look for another, higher-paying job in IT vs going deeper into sports journalism.

Speaking of sports journalism…I know I had written months ago that I was going to try to stick with my own blog instead of writing for other companies, unless it’s a major company (i.e. ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, etc). But I checked out this one site that seems to post quality material and suggests that they allow their writers to have a lot of freedom as far as content, how often they contribute, etc. They also make their best writers featured columnists, and their best material gets posted on major sites like the ones I mentioned. They hire the best writers on full time, as well, so I could end up with a good job with them that would allow me to get out of IT altogether (don’t get me wrong–still love technology…just don’t like that so many jobs involve dealing with people and that my favorite thing to do with tech is repair, which is low-paying and doesn’t allow me to make a living with big student loans). They have a sports radio show in which their writers sometimes participate, and I had kind of been interested in messing with that a little to see if I like it since I listen to so much sports radio.

The key for me with this, other than their reciprocating my interest (which I’m waiting to find out), is how much freedom I get as a writer in terms of content. If it’s something that will allow me to do my thing the way I do it, then it would be worth my time. I’m proud of the work I’m doing with my sports blog and will still keep the blog going, but I just don’t have the readership. I have built it up some, but I know with blogs from scratch it takes years. It’s a little frustrating, even knowing that, because I feel I’ve written all this great stuff. I write a lot of the same things major writers publish sometimes before they write it, and they get all the readers and ideas attributed to them.

Oh, forgot to mention–got a start date for this job with lazy tech, as well. This company really seems a lot more together than the one with the repair job, as well as probably the business for which I currently work. So, one way or the other, I’ll soon be starting a new job.

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