Take This Job and Shove It

After almost two months, it looks as if I’ve finally gotten an IT position with one of the most coveted employers around–pending a successful background check, you understand. It had taken so long to hear anything that I’d just about started to move on. In fact…

Someone else quit at work a few weeks ago, beating me to the punch. Back then, I had several possible opportunities lined up…two at pretty good companies, including the opportunity that looks as if it will finally result in a new job. I felt that it was just a matter of time before I was out of tech hell. Then one Thursday the lazy afternoon tech guy comes in whispering with the bitchy field tech guy. I don’t remember everything I heard…I knew something was about to happen, though. I could tell the lazy tech had something to speak with our supervisor about. And then when he left the room, the field tech said something like, “Ohhhh, that’s not going to be good.”

Lazy tech had found another job and was about to quit.

Oh, damn. Big problem for me.


For one thing, it was going to be hard enough to quit. With someone else just having quit? Not the best timing.

For another thing, I knew I was going to be expected to pick up some of the slack from lazy tech’s quitting. With his working what is basically 2nd shift, his quitting was a problem for the company because he was the only one who worked that shift. It wasn’t like working 1st shift, which is when I work, when they have several techs working at the same time. I was worried they were going to expect me to start working his shift since I was the last one hired after him. I knew that’s how lazy tech got that shift–he worked 1st shift until someone got fired, and then they moved him to that 2nd shift. Luckily, my employer doesn’t believe in having women working by themselves at night–otherwise, I would have been moved to that crappy shift.

His quitting still has had ways of coming back on me, though. For one, the tech who trained me and who helps me out a lot was affected quite a bit by this. His work schedule changed, and now I have to spend, essentially, three hours every day alone with the creepy, bitchy female tech who refuses to help me with schitt but still finds ways to be critical. Second, this bitch decided not long after lazy tech quit that she wanted to take all these days off work, knowing we were already kind of stretching to make the schedule work (my employer needs people working 24/7). Normally when she’d take all these days off, my supervisor would schedule lazy tech to come in to help on 1st shift. But with him gone, this left two people working days. And wouldn’t you know, this is exactly when schitt decided to fall apart at work and we got tons of calls and emails to handle all by ourselves. Truthfully, while she was gone, I did over 90% of the network support by myself. The tech who trained me is more like a manager than a regular tech because he has been there so long and knows so much. He gets special projects and the most difficult things to handle, so he barely does normal network support. With the female tech out and no one else there to help, that means I handled most of the calls and emails.

One day, the nosy chatty Cathy of this workplace came in and asked about the female tech geek (FTG) being out. We told her all the days she’d taken off, and she asked, “Is she interviewing for jobs?”

Uh huh.

Hadn’t really thought of that, but it makes sense. Chatty Cathy (CC) proceeded to make it make even more sense. Apparently, FTG had been looking for a job ever since she graduated from some program last year, and she asked CC for a reference. FTG was also kind of…curious after she found out the lazy tech geek was leaving. She doesn’t speak to anyone at work unless she needs something, really, except the tech geek who trained me and CC. But when she found out lazy tech was leaving, she was asking him questions about the job he got. And then after he left, she kept asking the tech who trained me if lazy tech likes his new job, even after he would tell her he doesn’t know and hasn’t spoken with lazy tech. CC and I also had a conversation about how inconsiderate it was of FTG to take all those days off at that time, and CC was saying that it makes sense if FTG is interviewing…because if you’ve got one foot out the door, you just don’t care about the job or how doing these things affects others.

So, after FTG came back to work, I almost essentially quit doing work. Even called in one day last week for no reason–just didn’t feel like going to work. I behave similarly to how lazy tech used to, but I do it for three reasons: 1) I started thinking that, one way or the other, I’m out of here soon…so I don’t care, 2) I know they’re not going to do anything about my barely doing work (they let everyone else get away with bullschitt, so I’m done knocking myself out), especially if I do just enough or keep tackling all the easier things to do while leaving everything else to FTG or undone, and 3) I was forced to do nearly all the work because she wasn’t there for nearly a week’s worth of time, so I’m going to force her to do nearly all the work. I was pissed enough that she took all those days off that I basically told our supervisor she shouldn’t have given her all those days off because it was poor timing. The field tech geek was put out with it, too.

I was worried for a while that FTG would come back from all those days off and quit or quit soon after. That would not only make it seem even more “heartless” for me to quit than it already will appear since lazy tech quit, but it would make work absolute hell for me given that I’d be doing almost all the work and would have to alter my work hours, too. But then I realized that she probably will never be able to get another job. She’s too socially awkward. There’s no way she passes interviews. I am pretty much never face to face with her, so I wouldn’t know–but everyone at work keeps saying how she can’t even look at people. Imagine someone going through a job interview looking down the whole time and mumbling, talking abnormally loud or alternating between both just the way that she does. She also just sounds rude at times. When she asked CC for a job reference, according to CC she was like, “Will you be a reference” (looking at the ground)…and CC said, “For what?” FTG snapped, “For jobs” as if CC was stupid. She approached someone she was asking for a big favor this way.

Long story short–it looks like everyone wants to ditch this place. I think that should tell my employer a lot. According to CC, everyone knows FTG wants out. When she first started looking for another job, she wasn’t even hiding it well, which tells me she wasn’t trying to hide it. She’d come to work dressed for interviews. The laziest guy quit. Let me put that another way–the guy who got paid to do absolutely nothing and absolutely nothing was done about it ever quit his cushy job. One of the lazy server engineers quit a few months before lazy tech quit. And now the most recent hire (me) is about to quit.

Apparently, I’m cool enough to be let in on the secret. See, lazy tech told me to send him my resume as he was leaving. I thought about it for a while, just wondering if I should trust him, and then I sent it to him. The next day, I received an email from a staffing agency that has helped all these guys where I currently work get the hell out by finding better positions. They placed lazy tech, lazy server engineer and other guys I never even heard of who used to work where I work. These guys all now have good jobs making good money. Either FTG doesn’t have the hookup or she was too awkward with the hookup for it to work. I’m betting she doesn’t have it. Apparently, I won’t need the hookup. But FTG actually busted out the tech who trained me and told CC in front of me that he has been looking for another job. To thank him for everything he has done for me and to help him out–I’ll feel bad for leaving him with everything I’ll be leaving him with–I think I will shoot him the hookup on my last day.

Lazy tech told me my employer is going to be pissed if I quit. [sighs] Already know, man. Already know. But it’s the weekend. I’m going to try not to stress about it for a couple of days, at least.

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