I Blocked My Co-Worker On IM

Another ridiculous day at work. I haven’t even eaten yet today, except for some pretzels that I mindlessly ate while I was mentally preoccupied. I just don’t have the appetite. I feel as if I could go the entire day without eating today. That’s how upset I am. Some people eat more when they’re stressed out; I lose my appetite. I can feel tension starting to creep into my neck, too.

I’m not really pissed about this particular thing anymore, but I’ve gotta tell you about it. My co-worker FTG started some nonsense at work today. She got pissed about yet another stupid, unimportant thing. Because she’s a fucking wimp, she decided to write in one of my tickets.

One thing that finally stuck in my mind today is, at this place where I work, I can’t win for losing. Someone’s always whining about the way a task is carried out, but it seems like so many people have their way of carrying out a task. So, it’s confusing for me. Most people at work say to put related issues in one ticket vs opening a new one, although someone else told me to just open separate tickets. I can’t always tell if an issue is related to another one or not, plus I just don’t always have time to dig through tickets and read them, especially not with what has been going on at work lately.

A client emailed us saying he’d spoken with someone else about an issue. I looked for a ticket that might be related and didn’t really see one. But I saw two tickets in the time frame the client wrote about, so I included both of those tickets, mainly to show that I did look up past tickets. One of those tickets I included was one of FTG’s, and it did have an email address mentioned in the ticket that seemed to also be part of the client’s latest issue. I did not read FTG’s whole ticket. It was more information than I wanted or had time to read. Anyway, because her ticket was the only one that even remotely mentioned anything related to the client’s latest issue–a common email address–I wrote in my ticket that maybe he’d actually spoken with her and not the person he thought he had spoken with. It happens all the time, people not remembering who they spoke with at my job. This particular client has spoken with all of us at some point recently about issues.

Apparently, this pissed FTG off. Yeah. And she kind of went off in the ticket, which I still don’t know why she was looking at one of my tickets anyway.

At the time, this pissed me off for two reasons–1) the ticket is visible to others, and at the time the ticket was assigned to someone else at my job, which means he should have seen what she wrote, and 2) I just don’t see any reason for it. I kind of figured out later that maybe she felt like I was saying she hadn’t handled an issue that someone brought up with her, but still. We all kind of have to clean up after other people there at times, or sometimes one of us will approach an issue in a way that doesn’t help when the next person approaches it in a way that does. That wasn’t my point, though. Like I said, it was more like, “These are the only tickets I see, and this one mentions an address that is in the client’s latest email.” Regardless, to me, it’s unprofessional to go off in tickets or to do anything like that at work essentially in front of other people who work in the environment. Issues between co-workers need to be handled between those two, if at all.

That’s why I didn’t respond back in the ticket and didn’t say anything in a room that included other people–I IMed her. I basically wrote that the same email address was in the client’s latest email to us and her ticket and that this really was not a big enough deal to be going off in tickets. This bitch was still acting crazy on IM, and, ultimately, I reiterated that the way she was responding just was not warranted. And she finally left it alone after that.

Other shit happened after that at work, not related to her, that really just piled on the shitty day and resulted in my coming home, like…”I don’t want to eat today, and I need to find another job.” But at one point during the day, it was like a light bulb went off. I’ve mentioned here before that one of the field tech geeks has said that he blocked FTG on IM because of the way that she’ll IM people going off about nonsense. I decided I need to do the same thing, and I did. If there was a way I could keep her from writing in my tickets, I would do that. But I can limit speaking with her at work. I can stop IMs from her. And I can ignore email from her. I could easily see getting to work tomorrow and her IMing me about this shit from today. I don’t want it, and I don’t want crap like that in the future, like the field tech geek was saying. I’m done, and I am going to do my best to just not have to deal with her at all. I guess we’re supposed to use IM at work as a way to help us communicate with each other, but I’m not interested in the ways she chooses to communicate with me–hardly answering my questions and acting like a bitch in writing about absolutely nothing. I don’t get anything helpful out of that.

Anyways, not too long after what happened with FTG, I went from pissed to just more like thinking this bitch seriously has a mental issue to laughing out loud, shaking my head and thinking, “This bitch seriously has a mental issue.” I probably wasn’t the only one thinking that today, either, because she acted crazy again later by walking away from our supervisor when she was trying to speak with her. Our supervisor was just like WTH.

In general, I’ve never thought I’d ever have a co-worker from hell. But I definitely do now.

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