Bosses Exist To Make Your Job Harder

As far as bosses go, mine are not that bad. Most of the time when people complain about bosses, they’re complaining about personalities, i.e. the boss is just an ass. Mine are not assholes, but I have definitely realized that they just don’t “get” my job.

And this is how they make my job tougher than it already is.

Honestly, I don’t think I’ve worked anywhere the boss understood my job. I’m talking about full-time jobs, not internships.

Example via story:

So, I already deal with asshole clients daily, stupid clients daily and clients who complain about dumb things or things that aren’t my company’s fault daily. Tuesday seems to be the day of the week when we get more of these people calling or emailing.

I guess one of the owners decided that we don’t deal with enough bullshit and, consequently, decided to make changes to our email service. As you might know, people don’t like change. And any time you whip out something new, technology-wise, there are going to be glitches. That’s one reason why I won’t buy new tech gadgets when they first come out (as well as how expensive tech gadgets are when they first hit the market). As you might know, people don’t like glitches, especially when it affects their shit. This is most definitely true with email, which pretty much everyone really relies on. Obviously, working in tech support, I get all the fun of dealing with clients whining about these changes and these glitches.

I get it on this. The clients are not really the problem, for the most part. Frankly, I blame the owner, for the most part. And really, if I had my own business and was looking for email service for it, knowing what I know now, there’s no way I’d get that service through the company for which I work. I have never seen so many problems with email in my life, and this is coming from someone who used to use AOL as my primary email provider. AOL is now the second worst email provider I know of, after my employer. Yahoo sucks, too, but Yahoo’s main problem is you get TOO MUCH email–maybe others can speak with more experience, but I have not really seen that you’re always dealing with there being emails you haven’t received but should have with Yahoo. It’s more so just way too much spam and some hackers. With AOL, you get all of those problems–missing emails, tons of spam and hackers. My employer is the same way–only worse–as well as just other issues I’ve never seen with email accounts. So, I can understand clients being pissed if/when they are, because I’d drop a service the quality of ours rather than keep calling with problems.

Some of these things are why, I guess, our owners decided to make changes to email. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of faith that we, as people who work in tech support, are suffering through the consequences of these changes for a long-term result that’s worth it. In other words, I bet that the changes aren’t really going to be better than what clients have been dealing with prior to them.

Anyway, so you have whining about this, questions and all that, so that adds more work for us. The changes are being made every few days to different clients because we have so many. It started out not being that many clients at a time to whom the changes would apply. Then the owner got the brilliant idea to add a lot more clients each time and to start making changes, like, every other day or every two days, basically. Obviously, the owner is not having to deal with the results of the changes–those of us who do IT-related stuff at this place have to deal with it all.

I don’t know how many clients he added this last time, but it was probably more than we’d previously done and it was done in such a way that we’d have to deal with so many of these people on our busiest day of the week–Tuesday. And then our owner wants to do another round so that we’ll be getting a fresh batch of clients complaining on Thursday, when we’ll probably still be dealing with this round of clients.

I mean…get a clue about how your business works. There’s only so much employees can handle. You don’t set your workers up to deal with a whole lot of problems on an already-normally busy day.

I was fed up today. I told one of my co-workers today that, since he has the most pull there and has been consulting with the owner about these changes, he needs to tell our owner that these changes don’t need to be made Monday night or Tuesday during the day. Both me and my bitch co-worker (usually referred to here as FTG) said that these changes are being made too fast, as well. We can’t deal with this stuff every other day or twice a work week, especially if 50+ clients are getting the changes applied to them each time.

And then our supervisor does stuff like…we’re really busy, and she’s coming in and holding conversations–sometimes not even about the work. She does that almost every day. My really lazy co-worker doesn’t need any excuse or obstacle preventing him from answering the phone–it seems like she talks to him every afternoon…you know, the afternoons she’s actually at work. If she’s in there talking to, like, two of the people who are supposed to be working, it’s holding up the work from being completed or making the burden of answering the phones fall on the people she’s not speaking with. Sometimes that person is only me. It also keeps me from being able to ask these people for help when I need to without getting uncharacteristically loud or “rudely” interrupting unimportant conversations. What part of this does she not understand? Quit shooting the breeze with the workers you like just because you’re boredwe have actual work to do, and everyone in tech support needs to do it, not just the ones to whom you don’t have anything to say. Other people who work in the office do the same inconsiderate shit.

The thing about it is what I just wrote about our owner and my supervisor? These people will later be wondering why XYZ task didn’t get done or why hasn’t anyone done ABC yet. Today the phone rang so much that I just didn’t have time to check the emails that were coming into tech support. I know I wasn’t the only one. The few times I got any free time, I looked at an email and checked whether or not anyone opened a ticket. FTG was not opening tickets, either, on those. FTG strikes me as, for lack of a better word or phrase, a nerd. She is the kind of person who will make sure work gets done and it gets done correctly (and usually quickly). And I use “nerd” for that just because everyone I know who is like that is very intelligent…many are boring goody-goodys. She reminds me of the kids who are known in elementary and junior high school for getting straight A’s and always having the right answer when called on in class–and for that reason only. I knew a lot of people like this at elite universities. I’m pretty much the same way (except a lot of people have known me over the years for being funny, as well), and I take care of emails faster than anyone else does. If FTG doesn’t do an incoming email, I will do it. That neither one of us did them? I am pretty sure she just didn’t have time to, either, because of the phone ringing.

I am so sure that tomorrow we will hear something like, “Did anyone do blah blah blah email?” and “Why didn’t anyone do this?” Um, because ya over-burdened us with work on our busiest day of the week and kept coming into our room to run ya mouth. How do you not know that the phone rings like crazy on Tuesdays anyways? I know that our supervisor knows this because we’ve talked about it before, but she doesn’t have control over our workload except for staying in her damn office vs walking around chit-chatting with people who should be doing their job.

Bosses are just always so out of touch with the garbage you go through and what you have to deal with from day to day. They also usually do way less than you do but make more money, right?

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