Dreaded Mondays Amplified

I think the majority of us love days off. And not even just the weekends, for those of us who work a more standard schedule and get weekends off. But real days off–days during the week when you’re not doing what you’d normally be doing if you were at work. You’re watching the good TV shows you miss during the day when you’re at work instead of trying desperately to find something good on TV like you have to do on the weekends.

The best to a lot of people is the extended weekend–three days, four days.

Oh, but there’s definitely a downside–after a three-day weekend, it’s even harder to accept that you have to return to work.

Now, the majority of us hate Mondays, right? Mondays have gone from sucking because we have to return to school after the weekend to sucking because we have to return to work after the weekend. But imagine you had Friday, Saturday and Sunday away from work. You kind of started to forget you even have a job. It was great, until sometime on Sunday when you had to face the truth.

This is true for me, anyway. I hate going to work on Monday even more when I’ve had a long weekend than I normally do. The funny thing is at my last job, which I hated far more than I hate my latest job, I used to think that just having a few days off would refresh me. Two days isn’t enough. I think four-day work weeks are more ideal for recharging. And I actually do think I returned to work feeling better after three days off. But I dreaded every single day. I woke up every morning thinking “I hate this job.”

But at my latest job, having three days off just makes me feel like quitting my job rather than go into work on Monday. This is especially true after having Friday off, because Friday felt like old times, i.e. back when I didn’t have a job. I can’t explain it. Well…maybe I can. See, at my last job, I hated where I worked but loved what I did there most of the time. At my current job, it’s not that bad of a place but I don’t really like what I do most of the time. I am not cut out to work with people, which is what I do most of the time now. I’m cut out to either sit at a computer and write or to sit at a computer and repair it all by myself (repair being what I did before). Still, I don’t wake up in the morning thinking that I hate my job now–I just wake up thinking “I don’t want to go to work.” This will especially be the case tomorrow morning after having Friday off.

I seem to cherish my free time and my weekends more with this job, too, than I did with last my job. The odd thing about that is I worked crazy hours sometimes at my last job and sometimes would get home so late that I hardly had free time. I guess because I liked what I did before and time went by faster at work (when I actually had work to do), I focused a little bit less on wanting time away from work until the final month or two at that job. Now I just feel like the time I have away from work is never good enough.

The one thing that hasn’t changed with changing jobs this last time is that I start dreading Mondays even on Saturdays. People talk about dreading Monday on Sunday night, and some say this is a sign you need to quit your job. What does it mean when you dread Monday on Saturday? Probably what I already know–I don’t need to just quit my job; I need to get rich and quit having to work any job. I’m trying to think of things to do so that I won’t have to go to bed and wake up with it being time to go to work, even though I’d be better served by just going to bed right now.

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