I Quit One of My Jobs

Last night, I posted and mentioned how tired I was from working all day.

I woke up this morning much the same way. I was so tired that I got out of bed late and almost made it to work late. I wasn’t even worried about making it to work on time. Normally, it takes two or three hours before I really feel mentally awake during the day when I wake up early–that is, two or three hours from when I arrive at work…although sometimes my energy drink does a good job of making me feel alert sooner than that–but today I didn’t start feeling that awake until the afternoon.

I guess sleeping on the issues I wrote about last night with my sports writing job was good enough, because first thing this morning I knew I had to quit that job. I’d spent all weekend and much of Monday working on stuff for that site while juggling my tech job, and I just didn’t have any energy left. I couldn’t spend all day today doing the same thing.

So I quit.

Now I have my tech job and still have my sports blog, which I already started working more on in terms of figuring out how to get more hits. So far, I’m happy with and proud of the written work I’ve done there. I think it’s really good. I just think more people need to see it, haha. And this really is more so what I’d rather put my energy towards than helping some other site make more money off lesser material, even if it would have meant more money for me in the short term. I think doing sports writing on my own terms will ultimately pay off more so for me, and I’m not really talking about the money–I’m talking about opportunities down the road.

Best of all…I get to relax tonight. I can watch my favorite currently-running non-sports show (“Jane By Design”–yes, sadly, it often feels like the best modern TV shows are the ones that really are more so for kids and teens) without worrying about getting work done.

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