Good Service Might Lead To Good Jobs

I wanted to write a full post earlier today about some things that have happened at work. Instead, I spent most of the day messing with the crappy DSL at my house. AT&T is sending out a new modem…that we had to pay for. Completely ridiculous, especially since they gave us some cheap piece-of-crap modem to begin with. All of this fooling around with the DSL ruined my plans to write/finish some sports pieces, as well.

I am too tired to write much, so I’ll have to write more later.

But one thing that happened at work:

The Chatty Cathy of my work place told me that the CEO of one of our clients was asking about me. She said he never does that and he must have been really impressed with me. Apparently, after I spoke with him one day last week he sent her a text message asking what all I do for my employer and just asking about my background. She told him I have a college degree but she didn’t know what it was in. I am basically the only person who does my job and didn’t study anything tech-related in school. When she told me this about the CEO, I told her a bit about my background and the tech experience I have. Knowing how she likes to talk, I’m sure she will tell him. She works for that client part-time.

She started the conversation by asking me if I’d spoken with that company last week, and I told her yes. I thought I was about to get some bad news, like they complained. When she explained that he was asking about my background and said he must be impressed, I told her that I assist them on nearly a daily basis. They email us almost every day needing something done, sometimes multiple times a day. I check email constantly at work because I’m bored there a lot. So, when I see a client email, I usually get right on it. This is especially true for this particular client because what they need done is usually very easy to do. Most of the time, I email them back within 10 minutes letting them know I have done what they needed. The CEO is pretty much never involved in those emails–it’s usually two or three other people who work there. I am pretty sure they were not consistently getting their needs met as quickly as I meet them before I started working where I work.

I’m guessing the CEO knows about me through those two or three people I usually assist. I tried to call back last week and let one of them know I completed the task she called about, and he answered the phone. He was just very thankful, saying we do great work.

If you have ever read my blog before, you probably know I hate people. You also probably know I don’t care for my job.

The clients don’t know this, though. I amaze myself with how good I am with most clients. I sound very pleasant on the phone. I’m not pleasant. I act patient with them. I am not a patient person. I reassure them that they’re not stupid and that their acting stupid is okay–“stupid” being related to a lack of tech knowledge, not being a jackass. I act as if I’m happy to help them. I’m not–I just want to be at home. So, there are some clients who love me. Definitely not all of them, though.

I don’t really see what I could do at the company where the CEO was asking about me, so I don’t see anything really coming of that. But maybe one of these other companies where some of the people love me have positions I could do. One of our clients is actually a sports writer and sports talk show host. I’m not necessarily interested in doing radio, even if it’s sports radio. But this client does write for a major network, and it’s one where a lot of the writers get to do the kind of sports writing I’d most prefer to do.

I learned some very interesting things at work recently. More on that in the next couple of days.

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