Survived Hell Week At Work

I’ve been putting it off all week, but here’s how hell week turned out (i.e. working without the male tech geek by my side to help me out):


Today and Monday were probably the worst days.

It didn’t take long on Monday for chaos to ensue. A lot of our clients had problems early on, and, of course, the female tech geek hardly communicates with me about our tech issues. One of our clients actually came to our suite–some of our clients are in our building and, unfortunately, know that they are. I was on the phone with a client, FTG was on the phone with a client and then there was this guy. I made the mistake of putting my client on hold, making it look as if I was free to help the client who walked into our suite. So, one of the non-tech ladies where I worked asked me to help him.

FTG already had a ticket open on the business from which this guy came. So basically, I’m like, “He needs to speak with FTG because she opened a ticket already and has the details.” I thought FTG might be on the phone about their issue, so I told them that, as well. I didn’t really know anything about the issue, and her ticket had very little info. FTG would not come speak to this dude. He was out there waiting for a long time, and the non-tech lady was trying to talk to him as he waited rather than ignore him and leave him out in the waiting area by himself. FTG got off the phone at one point and told me her phone call was not related to this ticket involving this guy, but she did not come speak to him. Eventually, she got on the phone again. And the phone was ringing quite a bit, so I had issues to take care of, as well. I didn’t ask FTG what was going on, and I didn’t try to–partially because I was busy, but also because I have experienced that trying to ask her work-related questions is like pulling teeth, which absolutely should not be the case and is unacceptable. I’m simply done with it.

Eventually, I got up and told this guy and the non-tech lady, basically, that I didn’t know what was going on since it wasn’t my ticket–surely, FTG heard that and, knowing her, got pissed–but that I would call one of our field techs to let him know people in our building were having issues. I called the field tech and he told me he actually had FTG on the other line. I really couldn’t hear who she was speaking to, so I didn’t know that. And really, since she knew the guy was out in the waiting area, she should have either said to me or to him that she was calling someone. Or she might have just started calling him because I mentioned to the client in the waiting area that I was going to do it.

So, shit was busy up to and through lunch time. We are, essentially, supposed to go to lunch at a certain time. I didn’t really know this, but I try to not shake up the lunch schedule too much because usually there is someone waiting for me to get back so he can go to lunch (we all have to go at different times from each other so that there will always be a certain number of people available to take calls and emails). FTG is supposed to go to lunch first. This chick likes to take liberties with when she heads to lunch. I go after her, so I have to put up with this crap. At one point on Monday, it was, like, an hour and a half beyond when she was supposed to go, which meant I was supposed to be at lunch.

One of the field techs was sitting in our area, talking on the phone. I didn’t feel like trying to talk over him, plus it irritates me when I’m on the phone at work and people are speaking loudly to other people in the room. Trying to have more courtesy for this dude than he usually shows me, I sent FTG an IM asking if she was going to go to lunch because it sounded earlier as if she told someone on the phone that she probably wasn’t going to go. Since people have to wait for her to go and get back, these are the kind of decisions or the kind of information she needs to share with other people at work.

Do you know that this chick did not respond to me? I was just sitting there like, “Okay, I’m going to get up and go when I’m finished with what I’m working on.”

She took another 15-20 minutes before she finally decided to go to lunch, and she never responded to me in any form.

I ended up handling several of her tickets on Monday, which…when other people open tickets, I don’t just take over them three minutes later. That’s FTG’s style. But on Monday, she was just opening tickets and not resolving them. Those clients were calling back, and they weren’t going to be happy if I kept sitting there like, “Well, it’s her ticket” and no one resolving their issue.


I didn’t have to go to work, which turned out to be a good thing. I originally was supposed to work Tuesday, but one of the other tech geeks fucked up the schedule. So, I was “asked” to work 4th of July in exchange for getting Tuesday off. Truth be told, I was pissed initially. But the more I thought about it, the happier I was with this. This meant that I wouldn’t have to work with FTG at all for the rest of the week, and I’d escape a day that was probably going to be pretty shitty since Tuesdays have become horrible days at work.


I got a few dumb phone calls, but I mainly sat and watched my home TV through my laptop.


Nothing really went down, and I thought how nice it was several times that FTG wasn’t there. If every day could be like Thursday was, I’d be a lot happier at my job.

I was told, though, by the afternoon tech geek (ATG) that our supervisor had to make FTG go to lunch on Tuesday because she was bullshitting again about it. That’s when I found out that they really do expect us to go to lunch around certain times, and FTG has been reprimanded about this before I was hired.


I kind of figured hell would break loose today, because I knew more people would be returning to their jobs than returned on Thursday after the holiday, and it did. Bullshit started early in the morning with clients, and I just wondered why there were even people at work so damn early. As I’ve written here before, no tech business can really get much done for you at 6 or 7am because the more important people are still at home, so don’t even bother calling that early.

My main issue with today…

FTG is almost the exact opposite of ATG, and ATG is who I worked with yesterday and today during the day. ATG had to come in to cover for the idiots who think they’re entitled to take all these days off just because there’s a holiday somewhere in there. I almost never take off on holidays–and every full-time job I’ve had has required working holidays–so I guess I just don’t get it. The only time I ever skipped out on work during a holiday was last Thanksgiving when I went to Michigan. And even that wasn’t about the holiday–I had expensive [airplane and game] tickets to see Michigan play Ohio State. And I assumed we’d be off work Thursday and Friday, but I assumed wrong–we weren’t off on Friday. So, I called in and flew to Michigan. Otherwise, I would have been at work.

Anyways, at my job FTG will do, like, 70% of the work if you let her. Maybe even more. But she will not help me when I need help doing my work. But ATG will do maybe 20-30% of the work–less if you let him–but is right there for me when I need help. With today being as busy as it was, it pissed me off that he would hardly do anything. I would ask him if he saw an email that came in, and he would only look at the email if I mentioned it to him–otherwise, he’d have no idea what emails we were receiving because he wasn’t checking or trying to do any work. And then he’d tell me, “Go ahead and…” then tell me what to do instead of taking on some of the work himself.

I’m not like FTG in that I will just start “telling” on co-workers. But I know that if it ever comes up in the natural course of conversation or if I’m asked, my supervisor is going to hear about exactly how things work when I’m with FTG and when I’m with ATG. I can’t let her think anything that ends up fucked up on my watch is totally my fault. With FTG, I don’t get any help or communication, which our job depends on (which I hate). And with ATG, I get help when I need it but he won’t do his fair share of the work. And I am pretty sure this won’t totally be news to my supervisor, nor hard to believe.

I understand ATG’s “don’t give a fuck” attitude. We talk about it, and I basically agree with him as far as being tired of dealing with people and their bullshit. I don’t ever want another job where I have to deal with people most of the time, although it’s hard to find jobs where you hardly deal with people. But when it comes to doing a good job, I can’t just ignore work and not try to help clients. This dude acts as if he doesn’t care whether he loses the job or not. And I have heard people talking, and he’s getting closer and closer to losing that job because too many people–both at work and among our clients–are complaining about him. For me, if I lose the job I will probably feel relieved, somewhat happy…but I also will feel somewhat like a failure and will feel some pressure to find another job. So, I do and don’t care, which was how I was at my last job.

But that was hell week. Wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I’m glad it’s over. I leaned on one of the guys who works in the server area a lot. Between him and ATG, I was able to handle a lot of issues.

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