Wanting To Contact the Ex

Ever since I got closure with my former girlfriend by asking her not to contact me in the future, closing the door on the possibility of friendship down the road, I had been doing a lot better. Well, as far as that issue in my life, anyway. But earlier this week, I saw on TV that there was a storm in the Mid-Atlantic, which has left a lot of people in that part of the US without power. This is not the best time to be without power for even a day, let alone a week or more. It is incredibly hot. And I know that she is like me in that she can’t stand heat. This time of the year, heat can be dangerous to one’s health, though. People die in the US every summer in relation to heat issues or not having air conditioning where they live.

So now, I have to keep myself from picking up the phone to text her. I just keep wondering if she’s okay. I’m not going to text her, especially since I am the one who officially ended all hopes of contact a few weeks ago. I have to completely accept that she’s not a part of my life instead of always wanting to check on her and help her. But it still feels kind of cold to say, “No, I’m not going to make sure she’s okay.” I know that, at some point, I won’t even think about it when I hear stuff on the news. But right now, it’s hard not to think about it.

I’m at work right now (watching Wimbledon, not doing any work), but I will be posting about working this week soon.

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