Didn’t Get That IT Job

So, I did end up losing out on that IT position I applied for and had gotten called about because I couldn’t get in touch with the woman who left me a voice message fast enough. I still think their decision was made ridiculously fast, unless they were being dishonest with me. She had called me on a Thursday, and I called back the next day. When I called on Friday, I had to leave a message because the woman wasn’t there. I kind of assumed they wouldn’t be open on the weekend, and I called on Sunday just to see if anyone would pick up, which no one did.

Then I called on Monday and was told, I think, that the woman I asked for wasn’t there once again. Since I was making these calls during my lunch break and can’t really call any other time, I left it alone for Monday. So, I called again on Tuesday, and their excuse that day was she was on the phone. I asked what their hours are so I could see if there was any way I could speak with the woman after work, and they confirmed that they close at the same time I get off work. I waited a while and called back again to see if she was off the phone, and I was told she was still on the phone. So, I left another voice message. Finally, she called back and told me the position had been filled.

One of my philosophies is that there’s good and bad with everything. I don’t think I would have had the same kind of issues with this position that I have with my current position, but I also didn’t care for the times I’d have to be at work (I could have ended up working 10am-8pm, and I find either working overnight or working early in the morning and getting off earlier a lot better) and wasn’t sure if I’d have time to read and write about sports. The person who hired me at the sports site for which I’ll be writing has already asked me if I’m sure I’ll have time to contribute to their site. That kind of makes me wonder if other people there don’t work full time. He knows I work full time in IT.

The one thing that really makes me wish I’d fully gotten a shot at that position is that I know more days like the kind I wrote about a few posts ago are coming at my current job. The male tech geek will be off work the full 4th of July week, so, essentially, every day of that week will be, at best, uncomfortable for me. I almost want to ask my supervisor if they can ask a third person to come work in his place that whole week. Maybe they’re already planning to. But if I have to spend an entire week alone with the female tech geek and we have any days like we had Tuesday and Thursday, I am not sure I’ll make it through the week without quitting. Since I didn’t blog about Thursday, I will just say that it was as bad as or worse than Tuesday in terms of being busy, but it was far better than Tuesday just because  the MTG was there. It wasn’t even that he helps balance the load, because, for the most part, he doesn’t. It was just not being alone with the FTG and having someone there who is willing to help me if I need it. I can’t avoid needing help, either, because there are just some issues they won’t tell me how to resolve and only the tech geeks who have been there the longest handle those (including the FTG).

Man, I got a call I didn’t know how to handle while MTG was at lunch–another one of my big nightmares coming true–and…ugh. I can just never put FTG into words. I got so angry. She was just completely useless. So, I just decided to wait for MTG to get back, which I hate to do because I don’t want to keep clients waiting. Come to find out when he got back, FTG wasn’t telling me the correct information anyway. He immediately got everything straight with that client. And FTG was the one who told him I needed his assistance, and she laughed when she told him. And I’m just thinking, “Why the fuck is this bitch laughing?” Excuse my language, but seriously. Man, I just don’t think I can do an entire week of that.

The thing is if they bring someone else in for a week, it’s probably going to be another person who doesn’t know that much more than I do. The best thing to do would be to bring the guy whom I replaced when he got promoted back to work with us because he knows how to resolve pretty much every issue. I’m thinking about just asking him for help regardless during that week and just skipping FTG altogether, although it’s not his job to handle the kind of issues we handle any longer.

I almost want to just sit down with my supervisor and tell her I’m concerned about that week and tell her exactly why, but I feel as if that’s more so complaining about my co-worker or would be perceived that way. And FTG has been there way longer than I have, so whose side are they going to take? I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, either–which is one of the main reasons why it irritated me when FTG wrote in a ticket that “other people” weren’t answering the phones one day last week–and I don’t want my supervisor trying to make FTG help me. I have a feeling my supervisor already has everyone’s number anyway, i.e. she knows what everyone there is like. In other words, I think she knows the afternoon guy doesn’t do shit and is rude to clients, and she knows FTG isn’t the person you go to if you need something.

I would feel bad about quitting right before that week, knowing they will be shorthanded, but that’s exactly what I’d love to do after knowing how bad it can be without MTG there and being stuck with FTG. I don’t think I will be able to get another job before that week, though.

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