My Worst Fear Came True

That’s right–I finally was left alone at work with the other female tech.

I had been dreading that day, and it finally happened. The male tech geek who is always there during the mornings called in sick. Since he’s the one who is always helping me, this means I not only was left alone with the FTG but I also was as good as on my own working with clients.

Of course, it also had to be one of the busiest–if not the busiest–days I’ve ever had there. As soon as I got to work, the phone rang, and I knew. The phone usually doesn’t ring that early, but the phone rang right when I sat down and essentially didn’t stop all day.

I guess as far as being able to handle technical issues, it was okay. The problem was the fact that, as I’ve mentioned before here, it seems like almost everyone else who works at my place of employment can take off work whenever they get ready to. We got all these calls, and the best tech geek was not there, one of the owners was not there and one of the field techs was not there.

Also–and this is very important for people who call companies for support to understand/realize–if you’re calling early in the morning (or late at night/overnight), there’s probably no one where you’re calling who can really help you with a major issue. The people who answer the phone at 6 and 7am–if you even can get anyone to answer a phone–are there to babysit the phone and maybe deal with simple crap that you shouldn’t even be calling about at 6 or 7am, such as resetting your email password. They’re not there to problem-solve. I’ve mentioned here before that the way my job is, a lot of calls that come in are things I’m expected to hand off to someone else. I guess people don’t understand this, but there are tiers of support with any company like AT&T, Comcast, DirecTV…and, as I’ve mentioned here, the person you reach is probably the least important and least powerful person there–hence why you can reach that person. The more important and powerful people? They’re in bed at 6 and 7am.

I first started realizing this when I worked in a hotel and used to have to call the people who provided their internet service with problems. And there were always problems with their internet, and I say this as someone who worked overnight. There were problems overnight, and guests would complain overnight–you know, as opposed to sleeping (the one thing I could never figure out about working in a hotel is why on earth hotel guests don’t sleep at night). You know what I’d be told when I called overnight? “There won’t be anyone here who can do [XYZ] until [ABC time] in the morning.” Personally, I understand it. I used to say “ok” and call back at the designated time if I was still at work or would leave a message for the next worker to call back. I don’t expect people to be at my beck and call 24/7 just because my shit doesn’t work, regardless of when my shit doesn’t work. I guess other people don’t understand that.

So, given that people were calling as soon as I hit the door, I was dealing with these people who don’t understand that. But still, you know whom they complained about, right? Of course my supervisor got wind of it, and I heard about it and the afternoon tech heard about it (because I guess he had to deal with these people the previous night).

Another issue–related to what I wrote above about how everyone can take off work except the tech geeks: the most important people are the ones who are never there when you need them. They’ve either got other stuff to handle or they’re off work. They can take off every week if they want to. My supervisor seriously misses at least one day a week, and she calls in late at least one day a week. This is not the only job I’ve experienced this in, but this is probably the worst example of this fact that I’ve ever seen. Naturally, it’s these days when I get calls from clients wanting these people and expecting me to do something when these people aren’t around.

But I can’t take off. Hell, I can’t even find time in the day to just coordinate a phone call with a potential IT employer, and I have to spend entire lunch breaks on the phone with guys in the sports industry trying to hustle up one of those positions. I kind of came to the conclusion today during lunch when I could not, for the life of me, get in touch with the IT employer who called me last week in regards to my resume that I’m going to lose out on that position because I can’t take a phone call from her whenever she actually does have time to speak with me.

I might not be learning much in the way of technical skills working this job, unfortunately, but I have certainly learned other things. For one, I mentioned a while back that this job has taught me about myself that I do not like to work. But this job has also taught me that most people are spoiled brats. It’s interesting, because I actually did grow up spoiled. I got almost everything I wanted, and most stuff I wanted that I didn’t get–or maybe all of those things–I would say I just didn’t try hard enough. I still get the royal treatment from my parents, and that’s a big reason why I have extremely few issues with living at home with them as an adult that actually directly relate to them or our relationship. It’s more just having your space as an adult, being able to bring someone home (um, ahem, you know)–which is a huge reason why I just don’t even go hang out or try to meet people in the first place–and just the stigma of living at home with your parents in your 30s.

But the way that so many people act with other people every single day…these are just things I would never do or say. I don’t understand the “well, I pay you, so if I say to jump you need to ask how high” attitude, which…first of all–and I really wanted to respond this to someone–uh, no, ya don’t really pay me. You pay the company for which I work, to whom I have very little loyalty and which pays me relatively crappily. I am not the company. See, my co-workers complain about these things, but they also complain about clients not being tech-savvy. I’m completely fine with you not being tech-savvy, as long as you’re decent and respectful. Nobody respects anybody anymore.

Speaking of co-workers…really don’t know what to say about the FTG I work with. I just don’t know what her deal is. I guess she thought that because I was on my own today it would be a good idea for her to check up on if I’m doing my job correctly by looking through the tickets I was handling and then point out stuff (stuff that I was on top of)…? Wha..??? What about, “Hey, if you need any help, let me know” instead????

Maaaaan, I just want my own island somewhere with nobody else on it.

But yeah, this is about how my worst job-related nightmare went in my head, and it basically came to fruition. On the plus side, all of that and I still somehow managed to squeeze a blog post in on my college football blog. Damn I’m good.

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