Rethinking the Job Search

So, quite a bit has happened this week in terms of job and career stuff.

For starters, just to confuse me, the past two days at work have been the best I’ve had since working for my new employer. I have not had to deal with jerks. They did call, but they asked to speak to someone else. Fine with me, if they have decided they no longer want to deal with me. My co-workers and I discussed this last week, because one of the jerks spoke with the other female tech geek after speaking with me…and then from that point on he started asking for one of the guy geeks. This jerk seems to take what the guy geek says and swallows it more easily than, certainly, with me. And I say exactly what the guy geek says. So, when he started asking for GG, I basically said to the others that, apparently, he does not believe anything the women say. And they mentioned it does happen there–one time someone actually asked to speak to a man.

Anyway, instead of jerks, I got grateful clients, compliments and a lot of issues I could resolve by myself. I have been getting along with the female tech geek, and I feel that I like almost everyone at work. I also was sufficiently busy those days. I think I have figured out how to game the system a bit, which helps make my job so much easier. In other words, I am figuring out how to get the issues I’d rather resolve and leaving other stuff to other people.

One of those days, I spent my lunch break doing a phone interview with a site that is interested in having me write for them. The interviewer is a Michigan guy, so we talked a lot about Michigan. Everything sounded great…except the job ad and site were misleading in a few ways, including the pay. I have basically concluded that writing for them wouldn’t be worth the effort, especially since there are other options out there. And if I am going to lose free time, it needs to be totally worth it. Plus, this is not even the sports writing job I was referring to a couple of posts ago. That one, I still haven’t heard back from. So, I’m moving on and considering another opportunity.

At the same time, I had mentioned applying for other tech jobs…and now I am thinking maybe I can hang where I am. If I get a sports writing job that would allow me, financially, to quit, then I would. But now it feels less urgent. I believe that, with as many good days as I’m having, there must be some super bad ones around the corner. I am not at all sure this is just me becoming more comfortable at work, because every time I start to something bad happens. And this used to happen often at my last job, which is a big reason I stayed there as long as I did. If I had not argued with my supervisors, I probably would still be there. But the argument changed everything for me–kind of embarrassed me because it made me act in a way I don’t like to and it also made me the subject of gossip–and I just can’t work where I feel my relationship with my superiors has been tainted.

Speaking of…when I mentioned that I like almost everyone at work…my supervisor is weird. I cannot put my finger on it right now. I can’t say I dislike her. But there’s something about her. She is just very awkward with me, and I can’t really say that about anyone else at work.

Bottom line, I don’t want to get stuck in an intolerable situation by being lulled into a false sense of calm. As it has been recently, I could handle working there. I still wouldn’t be learning as much as I might like at work, but I could be content.

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