I Think I’m Paranoid

Just a little salute to a good 90s alternative group. 😉

Except maybe it fits the situation?

Bloggers, have you ever felt that the wrong person got ahold of your blog link and it made you hesitate to express yourself completely?

It’s been, what, four days or so since my last post. I probably could have posted some interesting reading two of those days, because some things have happened that I’m dying to share. But one of those things also resulted in my “paranoia.” Now I find myself thinking, “Can I write about this, or will it cause a problem?”

Obviously, this is not what I wanted to happen with this blog. I wanted to be able to complain freely about my life and have other people relate to the subject matter. I have thought several times over the weekend, “Go ahead–it’s your blog!” And I have also thought that maybe I’m just being paranoid.

But having the wrong person find my blog happened once before, back before I attended law school. It’s also not out of the question, in my case, for the blog to be found and people who know me to figure out it’s mine.

At this very moment, I am leaning more towards “screw it, it’s your blog” and letting the chips fall where they may. Honestly, I need the blog as an outlet. A complete outlet. And maybe I really am just paranoid.

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