More Details: New Job, New Problems

So, everything was uneventful between me and that female co-worker today. I remembered, though, one other big thing that happened that she might not have liked. A lot of jobs have a “throw you into the fire” way of training new employees, which I hate. At my new job, I do kind of get the theory, although my personal feeling is tech support types of jobs should maintain troubleshooting databases that tell tech geeks steps to go through when assisting clients with XYZ issue. It would be useful for new employees until they get the hang of the job and don’t need the database as much.

But whatever…I’m not just thrown into the fire–the tech geek who is training me thinks I should be taking pretty much all the client calls during my training period in order to get familiar with how they handle everything. Everyone who works in my area seems to understand that this is how everything goes while I’m training…except for you-know-who. It’s almost as if we have a battle going on for who will get the phone first, even though she has definitely heard my trainer say that I need to answer the calls and not her. This is especially absurd to me, given that I would gladly let her answer the calls because 1) I would prefer not to be trained in this manner and 2) as mentioned in the last post, I have had more than enough of answering calls. It’s not as if I want to get all the phone calls while everyone else just sits and surfs the internet, talks to each other and IMs with friends.

Because she wouldn’t stop answering the phone, though, one day my trainer said something like, “Stop answering the phone! Ren is all like, ‘I need to get better but X won’t stop answering the phone’.” Yeah…I never said that. I actually had said to him that it’s kind of a bad thing that we’re not getting a lot of calls to the business in general and it’d take me over a month at this rate to be able to do my job without someone helping me. Truthfully, even though X answers the phone when she maybe shouldn’t, I still get most of the calls…and even if I got all of them, they’re not enough. The calls we get make me feel as if I’m little more than a glorified receptionist, because more calls than not are just transferring calls to the office workers or another tech geek. Because of this, I help maybe 3 or 4 clients a day resolve technical issues. As I said, my issue is not with X–I am relieved when she gets the phone. My issue is with the way my new job thinks I should be trained.

I have noticed that guys sometimes do things like this, though, i.e. they will put words in your mouth to female 2, not realizing that female 2 doesn’t get it’s a “joke” and will maybe get pissed at female 1 about it. I actually had some idiot do this at a job interview I had one time, i.e. telling the interviewer I said she needs to hurry up. And, of course, when I finally got into the interview, the female interviewer was a huge bitch to me…and, of course, I didn’t get the job. It’s as if men know that women are different from them, especially emotionally…and still, on the other hand, they completely don’t know that women are different from them, especially emotionally. Or maybe they don’t get the extent of it. Or maybe even men would not just laugh the above two situations off.

Today was one of those days that just seemed to go on and on, though. And my boss did it again, i.e. she came into our work area and kept looking at me as if she was waiting on me to say something or as if it’s some sort of problem that I’m not as social as others are. Dude, it’s Friday. I’m quietly counting down the hours and the minutes in my head until the weekend, not trying to force conversations with a room full of tech geeks (I mean real ones, not fake wannabes like me).

Did I mention she mainly does this on Fridays, the day of the week I least want to be at work (with the exception of Mondays)?

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